What is Ciudad Al-ManSur?


 Ciudad Al-ManSur is a tourist facility based on the reproduction of an Andalusi fortress city, following the model of a medina dating from the 10th and 11th Centuries, during the glorious historical period of the Caliphate of Cordoba (929-1031).      Ciudad Al-ManSur is designed as an instrument of tourist and cultural development, recreating a vital historical period in the History of Spain when, in 929, Cordoba became the capital of Al-Andalus and a caliphate independent of Damascus with Abd al-Rahman III.    Ciudad Al-ManSur revolutionises the idea of a tourist cultural offer, laying the groundwork for a new concept of leisure that brings together fun and culture in a harmonious, natural manner.     Ciudad Al-ManSur is a re-encounter with the legacy of a civilisation that remained in the Iberian Peninsula for almost 800 years.