Ciudad Al-ManSur combines different elements of attraction in order to meet the specific needs of the Cordovan tourist market. Entertainment and cultural dissemination go hand in hand.


Spectacular medieval joust

Ciudad Al-ManSur has a powerful commercial attraction inspired by the MedievalTimes model: a magnificent medieval joust combined with a medieval-style banquet, which of course is set in the historical period of our project.
This exhibition will be performed in the equestrian ( Read more... )

Dressage Show

Visitors to Ciudad Al-ManSur will also attend a dressage exhibition featuring Spanish thoroughbred horses of extraordinary beauty. With this exhibition, the horse acquires a true protagonist role, leaving visitors speechless with its pirouettes, acrobatics and a fine choreography. ( Read More... )

Falconry Exhibition

Falconry, especially mounted falconry, was one of the favourite pastimes of the Andalusi court and subsequently inherited by the nobility of the Moorish kingdoms.This art of hunting practised with birds of prey acquired immense importance in the Islamic East and West. ( Read more... )

Medieval Market

Once the visitor enters the gates of Ciudad Al-ManSur everything is programmed for the visitor to enjoy and experience different surprises every second. The entire route is animated by the “inhabitants” of Ciudad Al-ManSur, professional actors and actresses who play their  ( Read more... )

Handicraft shops

The bustling souc of  Ciudad Al-ManSur and its environs cannot be missed. The artisan shops and the medieval market will enrapture all visitors with marvellous sensations. ( Read more... )



During the visit, pasacalles (parades) in an Arab-Andalusi setting will burst into action throughout the route with music, fun and lots of colour.  The fiesta will pour onto the streets of Ciudad Al-ManSur. Musicians, jugglers and belly dancers will entice the public to take part in ( Read more... )

Children’s leisure

Even though all the attractions are created for the enjoyment of the whole family, children will have their amusement area. Ciudad Al-ManSur will have a number of very original, medieval-inspired children’s amusements, built primarily out of wood and manually operated ( Read more... )