The exceptional location of Ciudad Al ManSur in Andalusia (Cordoba, South of Spain) highly guarantees its feasibility. The characteristics of Andalusia differentiate it from the rest of Spanish and European tourist destinations with its privileged climate. Besides,Ciudad Al-ManSur responds to a new concept of leisure offer that brings together elements of attraction that visitors to this tourist destination always seek.  

The maximum capacity envisaged in Ciudad Al ManSur is 4,000 visitors. The minimum operative capacity is around 700 visitors.
Ciudad Al ManSur is based on tourist tendencies, and has created a new model of Leisure that combines the most recent preferences in the tourist sector with coherence and common sense.
In spite of its undeniable cultural attraction and capacity to attract visitors, Cordoba does not have a complementary offer of day and nocturnal leisure.

The strong tendency towards cultural tourism provides Ciudad Al-ManSur with a great opportunity and it can shape a complementary offer in this respect, representing an original concept, specifically adapted to the circumstances and needs of European internal tourism that is coherent with the cultural resources in the region. 

Of the tendencies in tourism noted over recent years, equestrian tourism stands out, linked essentially to de-luxe tourism. Cordoba has great potential to create equestrian products since horses are a part of its most deeply rooted culture.  

Ciudad Al ManSur identifies itself as a complementary offer to the equestrian tourism offer existing in Cordoba. The focal point of the leisure offer of Ciudad Al ManSur is the horse, strengthening this upward trend.  

The equestrian arena is commercially highly attractive with the medieval joust performance and the dressage exhibition, which will be a major tourist attraction for horse lovers. Moreover, with the visit to the stables, visitors may experience and live at first hand the origin of the Spanish horse breed, tack and saddlery of the time.  

The equestrian arena has a seating capacity for 1,000 people and can stage up to 4 shows daily.

Equestrian tourism is closely linked to upmarket rural tourism. In this respect, Ciudad Al ManSur provides the visitor with rural accommodation at the Hotel Almunia installed in the complex, which will offer complementary services, such as riding routes in the Cordoba mountains (Sierra de Córdoba).

4-star hotel with 125-150 rooms. Built in the same manner and style as an Andalusi Almunia. 4000 m2 of installations and facilities.

CREATEDCiudad Al-ManSur has launched a new model of Leisure that is highly efficient and competitive with the offer currently available for Costa del Sol. The most accurate indicators reflect that tourist operators that control the Andalusia destination are continually calling for a remodelling of the tourist offer of Cordoba.

Ciudad Al-ManSur has developed and perfected a model to implement a historical-cultural thematic leisure centre, capable of meeting the expectations of its visitors.

Ciudad Al-ManSur represents an offer of quality with high added value that harnesses the singularity of its differentiating elements as compared to other competitor products (primarily the museum offer of Cordoba and the entertainment offer of Costa del Sol).


  • Exceptional location in Andalusia (Cordoba, Spain).

  • Competitive: New business model without competition.

  • Opportunity: Exploitation of a new market niche.

The complementary offer of Ciudad Al ManSur with its Exhibition Centre and events hall contribute to breaking with seasonal variation in demand. Objective: to complement the cultural offer and meet the demand for events tourism.

This is a very positive element bearing in mind that Cordoba does not have any infrastructures to celebrate events. Tourist agencies are demanding better infrastructures to be able to offer Cordoba as a destination.

The exhibition and events halls are envisaged in the Project to be executed in the Alcazaba, an area of over 4000 square metres.

Arab baths or Hammam: For visitors who wish to immerse themselves in a sensory journey and experience this tradition inherited from the Andalusi civilization.

Culinary offer: All the restaurant area will be located in the beautiful gardens of the Alcazaba. A marvellous space where visitors will be offered a variety of culinary delights of the period with a choice between several options: Arabian, Christian or Jewish cuisine.

Shops and stalls: At the market located in the medina of Ciudad Al-ManSur, dozens of handicraft stalls and thematic shops will offer visitors innumerable products. Visitors will be able to see for themselves how the different artisans of the time worked, and acquire different textile products, costume jewellery, fine jewellery, pottery, spices, natural products, and so forth in the shops.